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What is a Gambian Visa?

A stamp impression or an endorsement, which is placed in the traveler’s valid document who seeks entry or transit through the Gambia, subject to special immigration requirement at the port of entry and valid to remain in the Gambia for a specific period of time and number of journeys specified therein.

Visa Processing

Having a Gambian visa allows you to travel to a port of entry, air, sea and land border crossing. While having a visa does not guarantee entry to the Republic of The Gambia, it does indicate a consular officer or a representative of the Director General abroad has determined you are eligible to seek entry for that specific purpose. Border Officers are responsible for admission of travelers to The Gambia.

Types of Visas

The type of visa an applicant must obtain is defined by your intended travel and other facts. Consular officer or a representative of the Director General of Immigration must ensure all visa requirements are met and issued accordingly

How to Apply for a Visit Visa

Check whether you require a visa to travel to the Republic of The Gambia or you belong to the visa waiver program countries, if you do need to apply for a Gambian visit visa, please follow the step below:

Step 1 :Download the Visa application form
Step 2 :Submit the passport with the visa application form to the Embassy of the Republic of The Gambia with the following:

  • A non refundable application fee of 250 AED for single entry one month visa or 500 AED for multiple entry six months visa in cash only, payable to the Embassy of The Gambia.
  • Two passport-size photographs with white background (taken in the last six months; please write name and passport number at the back and sign)
  • Emirates ID copy may be required
  • Resident Emirates Visa copy may be required
  • No objection letter from company may be required
  • Children under 18 years must submit a parental consent if unaccompanied by parents
  • Personal or telephone interview may be required
  • Application without the relevant requirements will not be considered

Step 3 :Processing of visa for regular services is between 1 – 2 business days. .